About A Kangaroo Loose

A kangaroo loose??
In Australia, to say that one has “a kangaroo loose” is another way of saying you might just be a bit quirky. In some ways I hesitate to associate my business with this, because it can mean you may be a bit short in the grey matter! However I want to take a more generous interpretation.

My goal is pretty simple. Many of us have some ideas that we want to share and need some assistance in getting it under way. If your “way out” idea is a book, then my role is to assist you to get it publishable – a good looking product that can be made available for a modest cost. It is up to you whether you self-publish, or submit your work to a publishing house, but either way, we can help.

AKangarooloose offers a service to budding writers and authors who are not sure about the next steps to get their manuscript published.  When you have finished your work, we will, using state of the art software, and your instructions, design and create a book ready for publishing. This will include an ISBN (if you don’t have one), a cover design, and PDFs of the cover and inside ready for you to upload to your preferred printer or publisher. I have been using CreateSpace, an arm of Amazon.com, to produce paperback and e-publications

If required, we can read your manuscript and make suggestions or corrections to some of the basic typographic issues that authors sometimes miss. Please note, however, that I do not offer a full editing service.

Do you need help with artwork for your business cards or flyers? We can help with that as well.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your project.

Bill Lang