Set in the 1960's, Lachlan Ness begins his journey as a young Presbyterian minister in the lovely highlands of the NSW north coast. In this very humorous story you will encounter the warm and sometimes strange inhabitants of this small country town. When you finish this book, you will indeed have a warm inner glow and an ache from laughing.

This book was first published in 1989 by Wilbur Books with a print run of around 5000 books. With continued demand from readers but with the publisher no longer in business, the author decided to self-publish.  The project involved scanning the text with subsequent proofing and editing and a slight revision of the text. The cover was a new design using a photograph I took on a trip to Orange, NSW. A kangaroo was added to the image.

the tools used in this project were MS Word, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

For printing we decided to try CreateSpace, an American company that is part of Amazon. CreateSpace is a user-friendly on-line publishing facility where the user's expertise determines the cost of the project. We supplied print-ready PDFs of the interior and cover. While delivery costs almost as much as the printing, there is a huge advantage in being able to get high-quality books in smaller print runs (anything from a single copy for a very low price.) Authors are thus responsible for purchasing books for direct selling. Books are automatically available through Amazon and other booksellers in North America, UK and Europe, and as e-publcations for kindle.

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